Writers block and other stuff

I keep meaning to write a lot more often, but its been difficult for me. Mainly because my life since I stopped being homeless has been kinda like on auto pilot. Haven’t really cared much to write anything.


As I write I’m in Camden at the bus terminal waiting for my bus back home. I hate it here, its like a war zone sometimes in Camden. I’m sitting here with my music blaring in my earphones hoping no one will bother me.

I’ve been asked to guest blog for another site, it seems rather fitting that the topic is bipolar and relationships. I’m still trying to think of a specific topic… Suggestions?

2 thoughts on “Writers block and other stuff

  1. I had serious trouble with work relationships, paranoia and coworkers never really panned out for me. Not a good subordinate, great superior but even as a superior I was still someone’s subordinate. Still haven’t figured this one out. Still trying though…..

    • My guest blog is going to be about romantic relationships but I have the same problem with work relationships. That’s why I’m gonna try to become a truck driver, not a lot of interaction with others.

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