What’s in a name?

Ok so I’m a little behind on my blogging101 course, (a major panic attack and 12 hours in the emergency room can cause that). The second assignment was to look at the name and tagline of your blog and change if necessary.

I am far from the most creative person in the world, when I first started blogging I never knew what to call my blog so I usually went with whatever domain name I had chosen to host the site at the time. When I created the newest incarnation of my blog I picked the name “Manicmedic” mainly because I wanted a pen name to hide behind and I thought it was a good title for the site. I was never able to think of a catchy tagline though, I’m open to suggestions.

Who’s the manicmedic?

I’ve posted one of these posts before but I signed up for wordpress’ blogging 101 course and I also figured I’d introduce myself to new people since I haven’t posted in awhile…

My name is Joe, I’m 33 years old and live in Southern New Jersey. I’m in the middle of a divorce but if that isn’t bad enough, I have a mental illness.

I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder about 10 years ago as I was going through a series of hospitalizations. It hasn’t been a easy time for me but I learned a lot from the experience.

Working as an emergency medical technician I had decided to keep my illness a secret, keeping it hidden from my friends and colleagues. The best way for me to work through my days were to write, so my pen name, manicmedic was born. Shortly through the process I had decided I didn’t want to hide anymore, I want to write about my experiences to show people that they don’t need to hide and that there are people who will accept them for who they are. I hope you all enjoy my story…