Obsessive much?

I have a new obsession. Horse racing and no it’s not like you think. I hardly ever actually bet real money. I’ve been obsessed with the numbers behind the races, the odds, the placings, the payouts. I like to crunch the numbers and see what comes of them, its somewhat comforting to me… Especially when my thoughts run wild or I feel like I’m getting a little manic.

I’ve lost track again in my treatment team, I need to remember to call everyone on Monday to try to make appointments.

The wife is planning a Disney trip, she wanted to plan for December, but if next year is anything like this year snow will cause a issue. I got her to move it up to October instead.

My sisters cat is stalking us I swear. She sits hiding in our hallway waiting for one of us to leave the room then makes a dash to get in our bedroom. I don’t know why.

I’ve talked previously about This is our brave the show being produced about people with mental illness. Apparently I somehow got myself two free tickets! So now I must go… Lol


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