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I wanted to give away something to my readers and twitter followers as well as those who like me on Facebook. So I’m giving away a mental health awareness vinyl decal. Enter below and if that doesn’t work you can enter on my Facebook page.

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New Job Depressing?

I have a theory that I want to bounce off you all…..

For the past ten years I have worked in emergency services I have mainly worked outdoors, with the exception of some time on the night shift in broad daylight.

My current job however is mainly indoors, only going outside to take the kids out to play, (not as much during the winter) or to fill in for a bus driver. I was talking about being mainly indoors for work today and a thought came to me…. Is my current job making me depressed?

I’m not going to bore you with the endless research but they say lack of direct sunlight can make you sad?

Any thoughts on this or am I just crazy?