Speaking out

One of the biggest things I wanted to accomplish when I started this blog was to use my story to stand up against the stigma of mental illness. The one thing I was surprised about was that I wasn’t alone.

On twitter alone I found many people using their blog to accomplish the same things I wanted to do. To use writing as a way to express myself and to let people know that we are not all crazy lunatics.

I want to tell you all about one person in particular and why I will personally drive the 100+ miles to see this project.

I first heard of Jennifer Marshall through her blog at BipolarMomLife.com. Her site was one of the first that I started to read when I started the first version of ManicMedic. When I caught word she was working on a show about mental illness I was so excited.

About the show direct from thisismybrave.com

This Is My Brave will function as a platform for people with something positive to say about living with mental illness. It’s time we bring mental health issues into the spotlight because they’ve been in the dark too long. This is an effort to encourage people to be brave and to stand up and talk about mental illness.

I just want to thank Jennifer for writing such a great show and im looking forward to hopefully seeing it May 18, 2014.


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