Sorry :-(

Ok, so I am off to a bad start….

My new year’s resolution was to write in this journal once a day and I already missed the first two days, I guess I’ll catchup.

Dec 31st – New year’s eve went pretty well considering I was out in philly with a bunch of drunk people watching fireworks. We met Amy and her boyfriend, we were too early for the fireworks so we went to SugarHouse Casino. Its pretty neat in there, I want to go back sometime.

The fireworks were cool to see live, but the crowds made me nervous. I been getting nervous around large groups of people and I dont think I’ve ever been around a group so large in my life. We finally got home at like 3am.

Jan 1st: We got up at 6am to set out to watch the mummer’s parade, another first for me. We were able to get out there to get a great spot, just behind the judging area, the closest we could get without buying a ticket. Maybe next year I will buy tickets, cause again I was crowded by a huge amount of people. After awhile we got bored and hungry and decided to leave the parade early, but we got some good photos!

Jan 2nd: BACK TO WORK!! ARG!! I’m going to try not to write too much about my job, I dont want it to bite me in the ass. But every day I am stuck in that van, i’m liking this job less and less. I was suppose to have a therapy appointment but I ended up missing it because I didn’t notify work in enough time to get off.

Today (Jan 3rd): Another day in the wheelchair van, at least the only good thing about the job is that I’m finally getting used to it. It’s just that I’m starting to resent the fact and I’m getting paid less to drive the wheelchair van than I am to be an EMT. This isn’t what I applied for :-(. But its whatever it is for the good of the company I guess, its just that I feel like me and Jess are getting the raw end of the deal.

I’m going to try to write more tomorrow… I promise.