Well there is only a little time left in 2011, what was your favorite moment 2011 in sports? news? whatever?

What are you doing tonight to celebrate the new year? I’m heading off to Penns Landing as soon as the misses gets home from work to see the fireworks and the sites. So I wont be home to post right after the new year, but I’ll be sure to post a picture of the fireworks.


I was driving home from work today listening to NJ101.5 and they were talking about New Years resolutions. What is your New Year’s Resolution? I’ll share mine with you…

I’ve been toying around with websites and blogs ever since I can remember and usually I tend to lose interest quickly, either I get bored or I can’t afford it or I just don’t have enough time. Either way, it usually gets left to the side.

So I decided to make as my new year’s resolution to start writing again, so I will use this space over the next year to tell me opinion on life, news, and give you a look into my personal life.